%22Dirty Kelly%22
Dirty Kelly is a term of endearment for a young girl who liked to:
jump in the lake
eat s’mores
do handstands, &
spill on her shirt
I truly believe that when we’re not afraid to “get dirty” is when we feel our best somewhere…when we let ourselves be free to run, play, take risks, be spontaneous, laugh at ourselves, experiment, sing badly, & shine.  When we remember our pulse & our inherent right as humans to laugh, cry, pee our pants, & skin our knee.
To remember to give ourselves “permission to play”.
This is pie.  Cherry pie!
She studied architecture.
She thrived in the conceptual space.
She discovered she was an artist at the apple stand.
Her creative food:
Her inspiration:
her babies.
the beach.
Her manifesto:
to exalt and give praise to the “simple things”, like a leaf, a carrot, or a fat lady’s bum.  
Her scale:
Her canvas:
skyscraper walls
the streets
the rivers
the globe
She wraps shacks with bright fabrics.
She gets Archbishop Desmond Tutu & local maids to jump on a bed in their boardroom/hotel lawn (respectively).  
She will soon wrap tractors, cows, & highways.  She will soon get garbagemen from India to jump on her bed in the streets.
Messy Monkey Arts + Dirty Kelly Productions is about celebrating the everyday.  The Extraordinary in the Ordinary.  The Holy in the Mundane.  The Pulse in the Monotony.  Remembering & Rekindling the fire in a well of stagnant sterilization & 401k’s.  
play  *  joy  *  beauty  *  abundance  *  connection  *  life  *  stoke  *  flow
(Dirty) Kelly (her childhood name relived!) is a conceptualist.  An installation Artist.  
Jump on board her Project Play:  
Celebrating the Human Spirit

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