What you see here is what was started in 2009/2010.  This is just the beginning of PROJECT PLAY:  Celebrating the Human Spirit, which is now screaming to be seen on the sides of buildings, dinosaur-scale.  & to be shared more in-depth & behind-the scenes through a documentary on PLAY.

These images are not meant to be precious, but rather shared & inspired amongst humanity.

Messy Monkey Arts + Dirty Kelly Productions is about celebrating the everyday.  The Extraordinary in the Ordinary.  The Holy in the Mundane.  The Pulse in the Monotony.  Remembering & Rekindling the fire in a well of stagnant sterilization & 401k’s.
play  *  joy  *  beauty  *  abundance  *  connection  *  life  *  stoke  *  flow

Dig around the site for what we’ve done, & WATCH THIS SPACE for what we’re up to next!

Photographer: Inge Prins, Conceptualist/Producer: Kelly Wainwright

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